Labor Studies | Union Organizing
L280 | 28009 | Ashby, Steven

Class Number 28009, 3 cr. Class meets Monday, 5:45-8:25 pm. Many in
the labor movement believe that labor's existence depends on new
organizing. But what exactly does organizing entail?  What works and
what doesn’t?  The course will provide an in-depth understanding of
how to organize a union. We will address topics such as corporate
tactics to defeat union drives, and union responses; the role of the
community in union organizing; and innovative new labor strategies in
organizing.  We will also discuss skills useful for any labor,
student, or community organizer, such as one-on-one communication,
building labor-community partnerships, public speaking, using the
media, and working with religious organizations.  Instructor:  Steven
Ashby, DLS, IUB.