Labor Studies | Trucks, Cars and Auto Workers
L290 | 22175 | Balliet, Lee

Class Numbers 22175, 1 cr.,. Class meets Thursday, November 3, 10,
17, December 1 and 8. This short course will examine the development
of the U.S. auto industry and the role of workers and unions in
making it the envy of the world by the 1950s.  More than any other
institution, the U.S. auto industry defined the economic and social
institutions of modern America.  Today, the world has changed.  The
industry once dominated by Ford, General Motors and Chrysler is now
seriously challenged by new foreign competitors.  Is this good for
American workers and consumers?  We’ll discuss what’s happening, look
into the future, and tally up some possible winners and losers.
Instructor:  Lee Balliet, Professor Emeritus, DLS, IUB.