Nursing | Comprehensive Health Assessment/Practicum
B244 | 20212-20217 | P. Allen, J. Clark, D. Hensel, D. Wellman

B244: 2 credit hours (2 classroom clock hours/30 clock hours per
This course focuses on helping students acquire skills to conduct a
comprehensive health assessment, including the physical,
psychological, social, functional and environmental aspects of
health. The process of data collection, interpretation,
documentation and dissemination of assessment data will be
addressed. C: B245; P or C: Anatomy: Physiology: Introduction to
Psychology; Introduction to Sociology.

B245:2 credit hours (6 practicum clock hours/90 clock hours >>>75
actual hours per semester)
Students will have the opportunity to use interview, observation,
percussion, palpation, inspection and auscultation in assessing
clients across the life span in simulated and actual environments.
C: B244.