Nursing | Multi-System Approach to Health of the Community/Practicum
S472 | 22751-22762 | W. Gettelfinger; J. Krothe, T. Kuhn, G. Schepper

S4723 credit hours (3 classroom clock hours/45 clock hours per
This course focuses on the complexity and diversity of groups or
aggregates within communities and their corresponding health care
needs. Through a community assessment of health trends,
demographics, epidemiological data, and social/political-economics
issues in local and global communities, the student will be able to
determine effective interventions for community-centered care. C:
S473; P: All junior level courses.

S473 2 credit hours (6 practicum clock hours/90 clock hours>>>75
actual hours per semester)
Students will have the opportunity to apply the concepts of
community assessment, program planning, prevention and epidemiology
to implement and evaluate interventions for community-centered care
to groups or aggregates. Professional nursing will be practiced in
collaboration with diverse groups within a community. C: S472.