Political Science | Intro to American Politics
Y103 | 20622 | Burmila

The purpose of Y103 is to introduce you to politics and government
in these United States. In a perfect world, your high school would
have had a mandatory civics curriculum and this course would not be
of any use to you. But as we all know from our experiences with
school, the weather, and IU sports, this is not a perfect world.
This class will pick up where the Football coach who taught your
high school courses fell short.

When you leave this course, you will be prepared to be an active and
knowledgeable participant in our nation’s political culture. You
will be able to critically analyze the fragments of information
provided to you by the media and form an accurate understanding of
current political issues and the workings of government. Everywhere
you turn – from newspapers to The Daily Show to The O’Reilly Factor
to your Representatives in Congress – politics is being simplified
for you. This course is a tool that will enable you to move beyond
the superficial “talking points” and develop a comprehensive,
substantive understanding of American politics.