Political Science | Politics and Film
Y200 | 22350 | McFillen

	With the possible exception of the printing press, no
technological advancement has had such a profound impact on society
as the invention of film – and, as a fundamental aspect of society,
politics has proven far from immune.  This course will look at the
history of film and politics; how films are made; how they are
evaluated and interpreted; how they portray political issues,
figures, and institutions; how filmmakers express their own (and
perhaps society’s own) views; and the ever-changing relationship
between Hollywood and the US political system.  In weekly film
sessions, we will see a wide variety of political films – ranging
from satires to sci-fi – and in course assignments, students will be
required to seek out and study political films on their own.
	In short, this is a course for film nuts who happen to love
politics and for politics nuts who happen to be obsessed with film.