Political Science | Democracy & National Security
Y311 | 22005 | Nissen

	Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001,
national security has been one of the most important issues facing
Americans.  The changes in national security policy have been felt
by almost everyone; from soldiers to frequent flyers  even viewers
of cable news have seen the color-coded threat level scroll by on
the tickers.  Unfortunately, the threat of terrorism is not a new
one and the United States has become the latest terrorist target.
This course is designed to instruct students about the measures that
democracies must undertake in order to protect themselves from
terrorism.  Additionally, we will attempt to understand what drives
terrorists to carry out such horrific acts.  Finally, we will also
look at three countries that have had to deal with terrorism,
currently and in the past, to examine similarities and differences
in national security policy.