Political Science | Current Foreign Policy Problems
Y366 | 20644 | Butcher

	What are the major security threats facing the United
States?  Can Middle Eastern countries, including Iraq, build
democratic governments?  If so, what role should the US play in this
democratization process?  What should the role of the US be in
reconstructing war torn countries, such as Iraq?  What position
might the US hold in an ever changing international system,
particularly one that includes many non-state actors such as
terrorists?  These are only a few of the questions that seem to be
in the minds of many Americans.

This course will critically examine the current and possible future
trends in United States foreign policy.  We will begin by
considering the theoretical issues that shape foreign policy making
and the system in which foreign policy decisions are made.  The
remainder of the course will focus on some specific foreign policy
problems that currently face the United States and we will discuss
and evaluate the current nature and future direction of US foreign
policy.  Specific topics to be discussed include: the war against
terrorism; reconstruction efforts in Iraq; international
democratization; and war and international law.  We will also
consider the changing nature of international relations and the
possible future role that the US will play in the world.  The course
is designed to encourage students to think critically about the
United States’ role in foreign affairs and to become a more informed
citizen on foreign policy.