Political Science | History of Political Theory I
Y381 | 20645 | Tilton

	Above section carries Culture Studies credit
	Above section meets with WEUR-W 406
The course offers a close examination of some of the most important
works and themes in classical , Biblical,  and medieval political
thought .  We will read  Thucydides’ History of the Peloponesian
War ; Plato’s Apology  and Republic; Aristotle’s Politics ;  excerpts
from other Greek plays, poems, and writings; considerable portions of
the Hebrew and Christian Bibles; portions of the writings of St.
Augustine; and materials on the development of medieval Europe.  The
emphasis will be upon the development of the Greek and Judaeo-
Christian strains in Western political thought and the relationships
between them.

The course will  consider such fundamental issues as morality and
political power, the role of laws and constitutions, civic virtue,
democracy, justice, freedom, and equality. Special attention will be
paid to examining the context in which these authors wrote their
works, the main concepts they used, and the implications of their
ideas for our contemporary debates. Students can expect to do a good
bit of writing on problems posed by the texts.