Political Science | American Politics: Approaches & Issues
Y561 | 26426 | Alex-Assensoh

The purpose of Approaches and Issues in American Politics is to
introduce students to the field of American politics by intensively
examining books, journal articles and important research questions in
areas that constitute the field. The readings reflect a diversity of
theoretical approaches, research methods and research designs to
convey the fact that there are multiple, valid ways of addressing
significant research questions in American politics.  Each week, we
will focus on specific research questions that have been the subject
of intellectual debate and empirical study. The weekly reading
assignments provide classic and contemporary examples of how
political scientists have addressed specific research questions. The
goal is for students to hone conceptual, critical thinking as well as
critical writing skills, and to develop deeper interests in
significant research questions that animate the field of American

Course Requirements: (i) informed participation in weekly seminar
discussion; (ii) weekly two to three-page critiques of the assigned
reading(s); (iii) assigned book critique and (iv) a 15-page research