Political Science | Intro to Formal Political Theory
Y573 | 28246 | Razo

Models & Theories of Political Decision Making

Note:  Course cross listed with Y405

This course introduces students to basic models of social choice and
game theory to understand how societies make political decisions.  We
will study theories of individual and group decision making,
collective choice, and social dilemmas.  We will also study how
institutions, or the political context in which decisions are made,
affect group choices.   Applications include the study of
congressional politics, intergovernmental relations, and
parliamentary democracies.
Prerequisites:  Graduate student status or instructor’s permission.
Students should be comfortable with economic theory at the level of
E201 (Introduction to Microeconomics).
Note for Graduate Students

NOTE:  This course satisfies the Theory & Methods subfield
requirement for an introductory course in formal theory.  Joint PhD
students may also be interested in taking this course to supplement
their policy and institutional coursework.

This course does not require department authorization.