Political Science | American Politics: The Legislative Process
Y661 | 20663 | Wright

This course will cover development of theory and empirical research
on the legislative process.  The material will cover the US Congress
which is by far the most researched legislative institution, but will
also go well beyond this to allow for comparative analyses of
legislative institutions, elections and politics in the American
states and democratic legislatures around the world.

My tentative plan is to divide the course into three sections: (1)
elections, (2) politics within the legislatures including leadership
selection and powers, the role of committees, parties and interest
groups in influencing policy outcomes, and (3) the legislaturesí
relationships with other institutions, including the executive, the
courts and the public.  For most weeks the readings will include
examples of research on Congress, the American states and other
national (or subnational) legislatures to promote a genuinely
comparative view of how the legislative process operates in different
contexts. Each seminar participant will select one of the three areas
for additional reading and periodic reports to the seminar.

There will be a research paper on some aspect of legislative politics.