Psychology | Social Influence Processes
P447 | 26556 | Sherman, J

This course will deal with attitudes and social influence
processes.  We shall explore issues of when attitudes change and
why.  We shall be concerned with how attitudes are represented in
the mind, how attitudes are related to behavior, and shall consider
important theories of attitude formation and change.  In addition to
this process-oriented and theoretical part of the course, we shall
explore many applied and real-world implications (e.g. advertising,
political attitudes, health behaviors).  Finally, we shall consider
a variety of social influence techniques - many of which are used
daily by advertisers, car salespeople, and telemarketers.  These
include conformity, obedience, and a variety of compliance
techniques such as foot-in-the-door and low-balling.  We shall also
explore how resistance to persuasive techniques is achieved and how
to overcome such resistance.