Religious Studies | Feminist Critics and Christianity
R364 | 27118 | Weaver

We will look at some issues that Christian and Jewish women have
with their religious traditions.  We live in a world defined in part
by stunning technological advances and in part by the persistence of
attitudes about women as mentally, morally, physically, and
spiritually inferior to men.  Since many of you do not share these
attitudes, you may be surprised to learn that they still exist.  In
this course we will try to see where they came from and how women in
Judaism and Christianity have reacted to them.  If women can only
occupy an inferior place in a religious group, what can they do?
Accept that place?  Redefine it?  Leave the group? Invent new
religions?  Struggle to find room within their traditions?  All
those “answers” have been proposed over the last fifty years.

You need know nothing about the women’s movement, or about Judaism
or Christianity, but you will find that some people in the class
know something about one or more of them.

Attendance counts as does preparation.  We will have mid-term and
final exams plus a semester project.  Two books + Reader (posted on
e-Reserve) Questions or comments please use