Sociology | Introduction to Sociology
S100 | 20981-20982 | Hallett

This is not a traditional introduction to sociology course.  Instead
of using a textbook (which many people find boring), we are going to
be reading autobiographies from a diverse collection of Americans.
In classes, we are going to learn sociological concepts and apply
them to the autobiographies, as means to understand the books
sociologically.  In particular, we are going to focus on the
individual actions and decisions (agency) apparent in the readings
and the background social contexts (structure) that enable,
constrain, and inform these individual actions.  We will also
consider how the oftentimes path-breaking actions (agency) of these
individuals create opportunities (structure) for others.  In addition
to the readings, we will be analyzing portions of three documentaries
in class.  In light of these materials, I hope we will reflect on our
own backgrounds and experiences as a means to inform our own actions
in everyday life.