Sociology | Social Problems & Policies
S101 | 21002 | Rowland

Topic:	Sociology of Science

The sociology of science and technology (or, STS, for short) offers
ways to think about the role of science and technology in society as
well as the role of society in science and technology.  This course
also speaks to fundamental questions about human action and even
questions the very order keeping society bound.  We will consider the
social context (i.e., who, what, where, when) of a science and
technology (i.e., society’s effect on technology); we will also
consider the consequences (intended and unintended) of science and
technology’s development, use, and misuse.  The take-away message from
this course is:  scientific and technical decisions – to build,
regulate, develop, apply, or abandon – are also political, economic,
and social decisions.