Sociology | Social Change
S215 | 22096 | Bowman

In this course we will look at what seems to be a paradox – social
change is a constant.  Societies are never really static, but rather
constantly changing.  We will examine not only how social life has
changed over time, but also the possible causes and consequences of
such change.  We will frame our discussion by exploring sociological
theories of change and by investigating what it is like to 1) face
dramatic changes that seem beyond one’s control and 2) create changes
to bring about desired ends.  In this way, we will consider both
unintentional and intentional social change.  We will pay particular
attention to concepts such as industrialization and globalization as
will as to changes initiated by social movement organizations.  Other
topics we may address include:  colonialism, revolution,
modernization, and changes in the family, education, religion, work,
and politics.  Although our primary focus will be on the United
States, we will also analyze changes occurring around the world.