Sociology | Mental Illness
S324 | 21021 | McLeod


This course provides an introduction to sociological theories and
research regarding the definition, experience, and treatment of
mental disorders.  In contrast to other disciplines concerned with
mental disorders, sociology asserts that mental illness cannot be
understood without reference to the social context in which it is
experienced.  In this regard, sociologists emphasize the socially-
constructed nature of the categories that define mental disorders,
the origins of mental disorders and mental health in social
conditions, and the analysis of personal, community, and societal-
level responses.  This course will cover material in each of those
three board areas.  Class sessions will emphasize team assignments
based on deep reading of original sociological writings, analysis of
personal memoirs, and discussion of cases.  The assignments are
designed to encourage the development of analytic skills, and
awareness and recognition of the knowledge that you bring to the
course, and the benefits of collaborative approaches to complex