Sociology | Mental Illness
S324 | 21022 | Kim


When most people hear the words “mental illness,” the first things
that probably come to mind are problems with the brain, chemical
imbalances or personality disorders.  But what does sociology have to
say about mental illness?

This course will examine mental illness from a uniquely sociological
perspective.  This means that we will explore the social causes and
social consequences of disorders: labeling and mental illness
as “deviance,” the relationships between demographic factors and
disorders (class, age, race, gender, urban vs. rural areas), the
mental illness “experience,” cultural factors associated with mental
illness, and public policy implications of disorders.

The aim of this course is to help in developing awareness and
understanding of how mental illness is more than just psychological
or biological.  Mental illness is also linked to self and identity,
social relationships, and broader cultural and social structural