Sociology | Gender Roles
S338 | 21025 | Schmitt


What is gender, and how does it affect our day-to-day interactions
and our perspective on life?  Are the clothes we wear, our bodily
comportment, our career aspirations, our speaking patterns, our
preferences in consumption all expressions of our individuality?  Or
does our gender and the way it is constructed by the society we live
in determine our lives to a much greater extent than we are aware of?

In this class, we will examine the nature and the effects of gender
in society.  We will discuss our assumptions about men and women and
how these assumptions are influenced by social institutions.  Our
discussions may include such topics as gender role socialization,
childhood and adolescence, language and communication, the media,
sexuality, the family, the workplace, and we will try to expand our
understanding of these mechanisms by using a cross-cultural
perspective on gender.

By participating in this class, you will gain the conceptual and
theoretical tools to analyze the personal and institutional
consequences of different social constructions of gender.