Telecommunications | Videogames: History and Social Impact
T160 | 26781 | Castronova, E.

T160 Videogames: History and Social Impact
Class Number: 26781
1:00pm - 2:15pm T,R

Videogames are becoming a dominant force in contemporary culture.
Games on computers and consoles have become a standard feature in
every home; games now outsell the Hollywood box office; the average
gamer is now almost 30 years of age.  With the rising interest in
videogames, debates have erupted about their impact on society, to
the point that more than a few states and cities have passed laws
against them.  At the same time, thousands of college students are
now pursuing professional training for this exploding industry,
through the many Game Design programs now appearing around the
country and the world.  What's the truth?  Are games a danger to
society, or a new wave of cultural strength and innovation?  This
course explores how videogames are changing the way we live, now and
in the future.

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