Telecommunications | Intro to Interactive Media Design
T284 | 21429-21433 | Bertozzi, E.

T284 Interactivity By Design

Lecture Class Number: 21429

Instructor: Elena Bertozzi

Course Description:
Interactive Media Design is a practical, introductory course to the
world of interactive and digital media design. The focus will be on
creating interactive experiences that are both functional and
engaging. This will be approached from various points-of-view:
design, usability, technique, and entertainment. We will discuss not
only the specifics on how to make something work, but strategies
concerning how to make it work well, while making it easy to
understand and fun for your audience.  This is a class for beginners
and assumes no previous experience or expertise. We will however
move at a quick pace. It is absolutely essential that you work hard
and stay on top of all the class material if you hope to succeed in
this course.

Course Objectives:
Introduce students to concepts of communication through digital

Introduce students to the basics of HTML, XHTML, Cascading Style
Sheets, and JavaScript.

Learn the basics of designing effective interactive communication.

Analyze the usability of digital media.

Provide a forum for discussion where students can learn from each
other through the process of critiques and reviews.

Prerequisites: T206 with a minimum C- or consent of the instructor.