Telecommunications | Video Field & Post Production
T351 | 21449-21450 | Bolling, J.

Fall 2005
T351 Video Field and Post-Production
Class number 21449-21450
Instructor: Janis Bolling

Prerequisites -T206, T283, and permission of instructor

T351 teaches advanced video field production concepts,
technical skills, and aesthetics.  The course focuses on the
development of acquisition and post-production skills, including
composition, lighting, sound, continuity, and digital editing.
Practical experience in the planning, shooting, and editing process
is learned through a series of hands-on activities and projects
using a JVC mini-DV camera, and Final Cut Pro HD.

There is a 50-minute lecture and one 3 1/2 hour lab
each week.   Usually, the lecture provides the foundation for the
weekly lab.  The labs are a series of practical, hands-on exercises,
assignments, and projects using professional equipment and non-
linear editing computer programs.

Meeting times:
Lecture - Monday 8:00 - 8:50 TV 226
Labs - Wednesday or Friday 8:30 - 12:00 TV 157

Required Text/Materials:
On-line readings will be assigned from
Several mini-DV tapes

Grading Procedures:
Students are evaluated individually and as a member of
a team during the semester.  There are a number of general exercises
throughout the first few weeks designed to test the student's
competence with tools and techniques of advanced field production.
The student must complete the design requirements for a project in
order to achieve a grade of B or better Letter grades are determined
on a scale of 100.
The grading criteria:  A = outstanding, mastery of all subject
B = very good work, well above average,
C = good work, average,
D = below average, needs some improvement.

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