Telecommunications | Program Graphics and Animation
T354 | 21454 | Carmichael, S.

FALL 2005
T354 TV Graphics & Animation
Class number: 21454
Instructor: Scott Carmichael

T206 & T283

Course Objectives:
This course provides the technical skills & creative principles
required to produce television graphics and animations. Practical
experience using Adobe Photoshop and After Effects is provided
through a series of hands-on activities and projects.

Grading Procedures:
10% class participation
40% weekly exercises
50% final project

Requirements the course will meet:
To see which requirements, in the College of Arts and Sciences, this
course will fulfill consult the College Bulletin at
If you have questions, or need additional help, see your academic

Required Texts:
Unknown-based on the software available in labs

Meeting times:
T 5:45-9:30