Telecommunications | Advanced Web Design
T433 | 26787 | Bertozzi, E.

T433 Advanced Web Design
Class number: 26787
Instructor: Elena Bertozzi

Course Description: This class prepares students for the
construction and maintenance of complex information structures on
the World Wide Web.  Students will review theory and practice from
earlier design courses and apply them to real world problems.  The
course will develop understanding and use of Cascading Style Sheets,
XML, Javascript and the construction and maintenance of large sites
using software such as Dreamweaver. By midterm students will have
completed the construction and user testing of a small site for a
client.  For the final project, students will form teams and create
larger and more complex sites.
Prerequisites: T206 and T284 with a minimum C-

Course format: Class meets TR 12:15-2,  in computer lab, TV 250