Telecommunications | Advanced Production Workshop
T436 | 21464 | Winninger, J.

T 436 Advanced Studio Production
Course Instructor John Winninger

	The Department of Telecommunications Advanced Production
Workshop  class is known as “SCAP” Slow Children at Play”.   Early
in the season the SCAP students create original comedy scripts for
studio and field, as well as several “commercials” or,  Pubic
Service Announcements (PSA’s), also a 30 minute sitcom for taping
before a live audience that is put on campus cable.  The final
product is a 60 minute live to tape show with live audience that
features live skits and the best of the season’s pre-recorded skits
This is submitted for broadcast on the PBS affiliate WTIU.
	The class works in teams of writers, actors, editors and
studio and field productions.  Many times the class work is done
outside of the Monday night class time, and to quote many other
students, “This has been a great hands-on course, we’re like a
family, we are all working to do the best we can.  It's like a real
job or work experience.”  Attendance is required every week.  There
is a mid-term, two journals and a final paper besides the Monday
night lab.  Again the class meets Monday nights in studio 5 room 127
from 5:45-10:30PM.
	If you know of any classmates that have taken creative
writing, T211, T311 or creative writing in the English department we
often select 2 to 3 writers from outside the telecom curriculum, so
have then contact me.  There is a SCAP web site, for a preview of
the fall class.  At:  There will be
minor schedule changes but most of the course materials will be

	To see which requirements, in the College of Arts and
Sciences, this course will fulfill consult the College Bulletin at  If you have
questions, or need additional help, see your academic advisor.

John Winninger
Senior Producer / Director WTIU Educational Services
Adjunct Professor T436 "SCAP" and NEWS FORUM
Department of Telecommunications.