Telecommunications | Applied Cognitive and Emotional Psychology
T571 | 26792 | Fox, J.

Julia Fox, TEL-T 571, Applied Cognitive & Emotional Psychology,
Class number

1)    The course prerequisites.


2)    A summary of course objectives.

	This course introduces students to basic theories in
cognitive and emotional psychology and focuses on how these theories
could be applied to the design of immersive mediated environments.
Students will learn how to use theory to guide media design to
better achieve cognitive and emotional objectives.

3)   Course format.

	This is a graduate seminar/discussion style course with 15-
18 students.

4)    Grading Procedures.

	The course grade will be based on attendance-related
activities, in-class written examination, and course assignments.

5)   Required Texts.

	There is one required text for this course:
Reeves, B., & Nass, C. 1996. The media equation: How people treat
computers, television, and new media like real people and places.
Cambridge University Press.
In addition, there are a number of assigned readings from various
sources relating to course topics on electronic reserve.  A printed
course packet may be made available on reserve and/or for students
to purchase, if they prefer.

6)  Meeting Times.

	TTh 1-2:15 TV 169