Telecommunications | Interactivity and New Media
T585 | 21480 | Bertozzi, E.

T585 Interactivity and New Media
Class number: 21480
Elena Bertozzi

Prerequisites: none

Course Objectives: This seminar will analyze what we mean by
the terms "Interactivity and New Media". We will look at these
phenomena from multiple perspectives and discuss them. The seminar
will focus on both theoretical and applied concerns relating to the
course topics. Given the nature of interactive media, participants
will not only have to read about interactive experiences, but also
subject themselves to them. The seminar will thus include
presentations by participants about the most compelling forms of
interactive media.  Given that these are often games, the nature of
play will be discussed at length.

Course Format: 2 seminars each week

Grading Procedures: papers, in-class presentations, final

Required Texts: First Person edited by Noah Wardrip-Fruin and Pat
Harrigan, other readings online and on electronic reserves.

Meeting times: 2:30-3:45 TR