Telecommunications | Topical Seminar in Telecommunications Management
T603 | 26795 | Bryant, J.

T603: Seminar in Telecommunications Management
Class Number: 26795
Topic: Communication Networks
T 9:30a  12:15p
RTV 169

Instructor: 	Dr. J. Alison Bryant

Course Description
This seminar focuses on network formulations of selected
communication, organizational, social-psychological, and
sociological theories. The course will review theoretical,
conceptual, and analytic issues associated with network perspectives
on social interaction and communication. There will be emphasis on
the influences and consequences of communication patterns,
processes, and content.  In addition to discussion of the readings,
2-3 laboratory exercises will provide experience with computer-based
network analysis applications.


Required Texts
The following books should be available at the IU Bookstore, and are
required for this course: Monge, P.R., & Contractor, N.S. (2003).
Theories of Communication Networks. New York: Oxford. Other reading
material will be available through electronic reserves throughout
the semester.

Course Format
Discussion/lecture with 2-3 in-class labs throughout the semester.
(25 students)