Telecommunications | Children and Media
T641 | 26796 | Chock, M.

Fall 2005
T641:  Children and Media
Section Number:  26796
Instructor:  Chock

Course Goals & Objectives
This course will examine social scientific theory and research
related to the effects of media (including television, video games,
and computers) on children and adolescents.  Included are the study
of the content of children’s media, children’s and adolescents’ use
and comprehension of media, and media effects in such areas as
aggression, sexual behavior, learning, persuasion, and the
development of social roles and values.

Course Format:
Graduate-level seminar.

Course Resources
There is no required textbook for the course.  Assigned readings
will either be available on e-reserve or distributed prior to
class.  Readings are drawn from several texts and electronic sources.

Meeting Times
MW	4:00-5:15