West European Studies | Select Topics in West European Studies
W605 | 26852 | Roseman, M

Topic:  Nazism in German Society  3 cr.
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Above section meets with HIST-H 720.

This graduate colloquium will examine the relationship between Nazism
and German society from three overlapping perspectives.  First, how
far should we see the Nazi accession to power as symptom of a
societal crisis?  How deep-rooted were the forces and movements that
brought the Nazis to power?  Second, how socially rooted was the Nazi
regime?  How broad, and how deep was societal participation in the
Nazi project?  Finally, how far did the Nazis succeed in changing
German society?   What do the post-war debates about dealing with the
Nazi past tell us about the Nazisí medium and longer-term legacy for
society in the two post-war Germanies?

The course will be assessed on the basis of seminar participation and
a final paper of 20-25 pages.