American Studies | Intensive Study of a Culture: The Lakota
G620 | 23197 | DeMallie

This class will focus on the Lakota (Sioux) Indians of the North
American Plains as a case study in social-cultural anthropology. It
will examine the Lakota both historically and culturally, and deal
with issues of change and continuity. At the same time it will
explore methods of ethnohistory and ethnography, including selection
and criticism of source material.  The class will be based on the
study of texts in the broadest sense, including written, oral, and
pictorial representations.  Students will read a broad range of
literature about the Lakotas as well as relevant anthropological
theory and method.  They will be expected to attend the class
lectures, contribute to class discussions, and develop a term paper
topic concerning some aspect of Lakota culture or history.
Jointly offered with ANTH-E600