American Studies | Feminism & Thetorical Theory: The Body
G620 | 25544 | Pezzullo

Given the simultaneous ambiguity and necessity of bodies, it is
perhaps unsurprising that corporeality is a topic that has and
continues to persist throughout social theory and politics. Despite
the seemingly apparent significance of these matters, the compulsion
to deride, to ignore, and to silence embodiment, particular bodies,
and body studies remains palpable today. Grounded in a rhetorical
perspective, this course aims to provide an introduction to an
interdisciplinary range of critical work about corporeality in
public culture. We will engage some of the more tenacious historical
legacies in western culture, as well as many of the more exemplary
political, cultural, and epistemological questions evoked by
embodiment in contemporary life. Required books will include: Debra
Hawhee, Mary Douglas, Frantz Fanon, Michel Foucault, Audre Lorde,
Elaine Scarry, Judith Butler, Susan Bordo, and Rosa Ainley. Email
Professor for more details (
Jointly offered with CMCL-C619/CULS-C701