Anthropology | City Life: Anthropology, People, and Place at Home and Abroad
A200 | 28598 | Boswell

Meets 2nd eight weeks only

The course examines cities and their inhabitants in the United States
and abroad as these dynamic environments both shape and are shaped by
their diverse populations.  Students will become familiar with the
numberous features that inform city life through readings in
Anthropology and by viewing documentaries to explore the interactions
between people and place.  Such topics include: migration and
immigration; licit and illicit economic activities; colonization;
expressive culture; and the complex racial and ethnic dimensions found
in cities.  Course readings will explore the connections between these
aspects of city life in urban centers such as New York, London, Paris,
Bombay, Nairobi, and Dakar.  In addtion to the required readings,
students will examine Anthropology's contribution to our understanding
of city life through a written critique of an urban ethnography.
Another assignment includes a presentation and paper on how a city's
spatial organization--colonial cities, shantytowns, and the
casbah--influences the social relationships between a city's
inhabitants.  A take-home final exam will enable the student to bring
together the readings to discuss the issues explored throughout the