Anthropology | Anthropological Statistics
A306 | 25359 | Jamison


Aron, A. and E.N. Aron   1997   Statistics for the Behavioral and
Social Sciences: A Brief Course.   Prentice Hall, Upper Saddle River,
New Jersey.

Aron, A. and C.C. Norman   1997   Study Guide and Workbook.  Prentice
Hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.


The goals of this course are threefold:  (1) to increase your
knowledge of basic statistical methodology and theory, (2) to increase
your computer literacy, and (3) to accomplish both of these tasks
within the framework of the research literature in Anthropology.


Your performance in this course will be determined by points earned on
weekly exercises and two examinations.  The weekly exercises will be
based upon:  (1) chapters in the text and workbook and (2) assignments
using articles in anthropological journals.  Generally speaking, the
text and workbook exercises will be due at the beginning of class on
Tuesday of the week following their assignment.  The journal
assignments will generally be due on Thursday and they will form the
basis of a discussion that day.  Several individuals will be selected
(one week in advance) to present information to the class on the
journal assignments.  Given that the exercises and journal assignments
will be the focus of a brief discussion in class on the day they are
due, materials handed in late will be assessed a penalty.

Both examinations will be take-home exams that you may work on using
the text materials for the class.  You will have one week to complete
each examination.  Since it is important that everyone has the same
amount of time to complete the exams, I will be very strict on having
them turned in on time.  You may work on the exams separately, in
teams, or in groups.  Each student will turn in a separate copy of the
exam and I expect that for the written parts of the exam you will do
this independently.

Your final grade will be determined by the points that you have earned
on the exercises, assignments and exams.  The total number of points
for the course will be divided in such a way that the exams will be
worth 1/3 of the points and the exercises/assignments will be worth
2/3.  A final grade will be assigned based upon a grading scale that
is no more stringent than 90-80-70-60.  That is, if you earn at least
90% of the points available you will receive an A, between 80 and 89%
a B, etc.  What this means is that you are not competing against other
members of the class.  In theory, all of you could earn an A for the

Graduate students will be required to produce a research paper in the
style of a manuscript that would be submitted for publication.
Undergraduates do not have a paper assignment as part of A306.

A final point about participation in class.  This will be a very
practical class in that much of the time we will be working on the
computers.  I expect that there will be a lot of interaction within
the class every day.  I will not be calculating a participation score
as such.  However, there will be a record of your class presentations
and whether you fulfilled them on the day assigned.


A306/506 is a class in which attendance will be very important.  I
will not be taking roll, but the due dates on the exercises and
assignments will pretty much indicate whether or not you are in class.
In addition, if you get behind by not attending class it may be very
hard to catch up again.  Please take this responsibility seriously and
try to avoid missing class.  I recognize that emergencies and
unavoidable circumstances sometimes occur.  Keep in mind the saying,
reasonable in terms of my demands if you meet me more than half-way.
I am always reachable by Email and those messages are dated and timed.
I will also give you my home number if you need to reach me there.