Anthropology | Research Methods Sem: Anthropometry
B523 | 25363 | Jamison


Lohman TG, Roche AF and Martorell R  1988  Anthropometric
Standardization Reference Manual.  Human Kinetics Books, Champaign,
IL.  (This text is out of print.  I will place 2 copies on reserve in
the Geography Library and make a copy available to anyone who wants to
Xerox it.)

This is a research methodology seminar in which anthropometric
techniques will be learned and practiced and then applied to a
research project of your choice.  A group of 30-40 volunteer subjects
will be recruited as the source of anthropometric data for your
project.  During  the semester, each student will be responsible for
an Internet assignment and annotated website list; a seminar
presentation with an annotated bibliography; and a research project
involving a Human Subjects form, an NSF Research Proposal, an oral
presentation and a written paper.  Class attendance will  be a very
important responsibility of each class member because there will be
measurement practice sessions and data collection sessions throughout
the semester.  Given the nature of the volunteer subject population,
for instance, it will be impossible to make up a data collection
session if you are absent.

Internet Assignment

Using MSN as a search engine (, search the Internet
using the word Anthropometry.  You will find listings of 9323 entries,
fifteen entries to a page.  First, everyone should examine the second
site in the list, called Internet Resources in Anthropometry:

to familiarize yourself with the breadth of coverage of anthropometric
topics.  Then, in the first class, we will have assigned each class
member two pages of entries, i.e., 1-30, 31-60, 61-90, etc.  Your
assignment is to examine the sites on your pages and prepare an
annotated list of up to five websites:  (1- 4) should be sites dealing
with topics to be covered in the class, and (5) is what you think is
the most unique website among your 30 listings.

Seminar Presentation

The  first oral presentation will be an approximate 20- minute talk on
a topic chosen from the list provided.  One week prior to this talk,
each student will designate 1-2 readings appropriate for the topic.
The class will use these (plus chapters in the text) as a basis for
discussion of your talk.  At the time the talk is given an annotated
bibliography of 15-20 sources on the topic will be handed out to each
member of the class.  These sources must be from the research
literature.  You may access research articles from the Internet or
find them in the library.  I will duplicate your bibliography for the
class if I get it by noon on the day of your talk.  Thus each class
member will end up with an annotated bibliography on each topic
covered during the semester  No written form of this presentation will
be required.

Anthropometry Project

Beginning in the tenth week of the semester, a group of 7-10 volunteer
subjects will be present at each class meeting.  Each B523 student
will conduct a research project of his/her own choosing on these
subjects.  Approximately 30-40 volunteers will be available, both
males and females, ranging in age from 18 to ??.  I hope that we can
all be involved in recruiting these subjects.  I will be recruiting in
Anthropology classes and I would like you to try to interest your
friends and fellow students in volunteering as subjects. Formulation
of testable hypotheses, collection of data appropriate to the
hypotheses and testing of the hypotheses will be stressed in the
development and execution of these projects.

HSR Form and Research Proposal

One written assignment will be the completion of a Human Subjects
Research Form and a NSF Research Proposal for your research project.

Research Project Report - Oral

The second oral presentation to the class will consist of a research
report on your project in the style of a professional meetings paper.
You will be expected to give a 10-12 minute presentation that will
present an introductory framework for your  research, outline your
hypotheses, indicate how you tested them, give your results, and
interpret the results.  Slides, overheads or handouts of tables and/or
figures will enhance your ability to present your data to your
listening peers.  The latter will be expected to ask intelligent
questions concerning your findings.

Research Project Report - Written

The research project that you complete will also be written up in the
style of a manuscript that could be submitted to a journal.  If you
are uncertain of the style, use the AJPA Guide to Authors.  This
report will be due on Tuesday (December 16).  I discourage you from
handing in your written report when you deliver the oral presentation
in case you receive constructive criticism that would improve the
written version.


Your performance in this seminar will be judged based upon your
contribution to the class discussions, participation in all of the
measurement practice and data collection sessions, and completion of
the written and oral items mentioned above.