Anthropology | World Fiction and Cultural Anthropology
E600 | 25426 | Sterling


This course compares fiction and ethnography as means of exploring
world culture.  Ethnographic writing – including field memoirs – and
world fiction – novels, short stories, poems, myths, folktales -- are
analyzed for what they might differentially reveal about social
identity around the world.  The course is composed of three sections.
The first explores recent writings on ethnography as a tool through
which anthropologists come to know the cultural “other”.  The second
section considers how particular aspects of social identity – such as
race, ethnicity, and gender – are represented in ethnography, fiction,
and other works variously located in between.  In doing so it
investigates the complex cross-cultural play between “fact” and
“fiction.”  Also employing these forms of writings, the third section
of the course investigates in cultural terms a range of contemporary
issues of concern to anthropologists.  Among the regions represented
are Africa, Europe, Asia, and the United States; among the issues
discussed are colonialism, war, socialism, immigration and religious