Anthropology | Linguistics-Anth Field Methods
L600 | 23504 | Suslak

Ethnography of Communication: Linguistic Anthropological Field Methods

The object of this graduate seminar is to learn how to design and
carry out any and all research that requires the careful documentation
and analysis of language-in-use. Over the course of the semester we
will be carefully considering the sorts of questions that linguistic
anthropologists pose and the data they must seek in order to
effectively answer those questions. At the same time we will practice
gathering various types of linguistic data and different techniques
for recording, transcribing, organizing, and--last but not
least!--interpreting our data. We will also be discussing issues of
equipment and software, and other practical matters. Finally, we will
be considering the political and ethical dimensions of linguistic
anthropological field work with an eye toward crafting projects that
engage our research subjects as active collaborators and make a
positive contribution to the communities in which they live.