Anthropology | Archaeology of Maya
P399 | 23514 | Pyburn

This is an archaeology course about the Maya people who lived before
Cortez arrived in Mexico. Much of what we know about them comes from
talking to living Maya people, who have important information about
their ancestors; from reading Maya documents; and from reading
documents written by people who met the Maya after the Spanish came,
so we will also talk about living Maya people. We will discuss how the
history of Maya archaeology has influenced our current views of the
past and we will talk about how the Maya are portrayed in popular
media. Ultimately, we will consider the relationship between the
living Maya, the ancient Maya, and the political present; and the
relationship between science, popular culture, and the political
present. We will read scholarly research papers, a novel, and watch
videos that purport to be scholarly. Students will endure some
lectures but will also participate in discussion.