Biology | Evolution and Diversity
L111 | 14023 | Moyle, L

Course Format: Lecture: 1:25P-2:15P, MWF, JHA100, plus one mandatory
fifty-minute discussion/learning group per week.

Prerequisites: For biological and other science majors.

Course Description: This course provides a foundation for
understanding conceptual and quantitative approaches to genetic and
organismal diversity. The course is arranged into four units, each
focused on a key subject area for understanding evolution and
diversity:  introduction to evolution and genetics, micro-
evolutionary processes, history of life and organismal diversity,
and ecology. Within these units we address several fundamental
questions in biology: What processes generate biological diversity?
How can diversity be described and quantified? How is this diversity
maintained? In addition to foundational preparation, goals for
students in this course include development of critical analytical
skills, and an understanding of the consequences of human actions
for biological processes.

Required Text: Customized text: Raven, Brooker, Molles

Weekly Assignments: Written preparation prior to each discussion
section. Weekly reading assignments from the textbook.

Exams/Papers: Four in-class exams plus one cumulative final. Exams
consist of multiple-choice questions. Weekly assignments and
attendance grade for discussion section.