Biology | Biology Laboratory
L113 | 14032-14048 | Holdeman, R., Hengeveld, J.

Course Format: Three hours of laboratory and one hour of discussion
per week.

Prerequisites:  P: or concurrent Biol L112; R: L111.

Course Description: L113 is an introductory biology laboratory
course intended for science majors.

The course has several goals, which include the following: (1) to
introduce students to the essentials of experimentation with a focus
on the generation and analysis of data; (2) to familiarize students
with a few of the experimental lab techniques used in cell biology,
genetics, population genetics, and animal behavior;(3) to
communicate effectively in a scientifically appropriate format,
i.e., using lab reports.

The hour discussion, which precedes the three-hour laboratory,
relates the experiments done in the lab to other aspects of biology.

Required Text: “Biology L113 Laboratory Manual”, by J. Bonner et
al. “A Student Handbook for Writing in Biology”, by K. Knisely.

Weekly Assignments: Readings in lab manual, textbook and potentially
outside readings; weekly (pop) quizzes, flow charts, and
preparedness for lab.

Exams/Papers: five lab reports (mini reports), including one
associated with the lab exercises themselves or with the preparation
of lab reports.