Biology | Molecular Biology
L211 | 14049 | Andrews, J

Course Format:  Lecture 9:05-9:55 MWF, JH100.  One fifty minute
learning group required each week (times to be arranged).

Prerequisites P: Biol L112.

Course Description: This course focuses on understanding the
structure and function of genes and genomes at the molecular level.
Topics will include (1) Biochemistry and structure of DNA, RNA and
proteins, (2) Transcription, RNA processing and translation.  (3)
DNA replication, mutation, repair, recombination, and
transposition.  (4) Gene regulation in prokaryotes and eukaryotes.
(5) Molecular biology techniques.

Required Text: TBA

Weekly Assignments: Weekly problem worksheets and readings from

Exams/papers:  Three midterm exams, comprehensive final exam, and
evaluations of work conducted in learning group.