Biology | Microorganisms in Nature and Disease
M200 | 14079 | Mower, R

Course Format: Lecture: 3:35P-4:25P, MWF, JH 124.

Prerequisites: Recommended background: high school chemistry and
biology.  Students should anticipate quiz/review sessions on Mondays
from 7:30P-9:00P.

Course Description: Principles of microbiology, including study of
major microbial groups; cultivation and control of microbes; primary
emphasis on disease microorganisms.  For students in programs
requiring only one semester of microbiology (not premedical or
medical technology students). NO CREDIT IN THIS COURSE FOR STUDENTS
WHO HAVE ALREADY PASSED M440.  Cannot be applied toward requirements
for majors in biology nor toward the distribution requirements for
the college.

Required Text: Bauman, “Microbiology”, third edition.

Weekly Assignments: TBA.

Exams/Papers: Biweekly quizzes and final exam.