Biology | Biological Sci for Elem Teachers
Q201 | 14088 | Ruesink, A

Course format: Lecture: 9:30-10:45 A, TR, JH A100.
Laboratory: one session/week (3 hours)

Course requirements: Enrolled in Elementary Education Program; Q200.

Course Description:  This course is designed to give students
sufficient background in basic biology to provide a starting point -
ways of thinking, vocabulary, overview of various fields of biology -
from which they can operate in elementary school classes.  Lecture,
lab, and discussion are integrated to give unified but varying
learning experiences.

Required Texts: "Biology: Concepts and Connections", Fifth Edition,
by Campbell, Reece, Mitchell, and Taylor, and "Biological Science
for Elementary Teachers" (Lab Manual), by Bronwyn H. Bleakley and
Pamela L. Hanratty.

Weekly Assignments:  Readings from the text, some website work, pre-
lab readings and written assignments, weekly lab data sheets, and a
three-hour per week laboratory experience.

Exams/Papers: Three hourly exams covering lecture and lab material,
one lab report, one independent project, several quizzes in lecture
and in lab, Portfolio of Experiments for Kids, and a comprehensive
final exam.