Biology | Biotech Laboratory
T315 | 27746 | Magill, N

Course format: Lab: 2:00P-5:00P, MWF, JH 451. Friday’s class will be
designated for discussions, reviews and tests.

Prerequisites: P: Biol L211, M250, M255, C-T310.

Course description: Student will use a project-based approach to
study industrially important enzymes from bacteria. Students will
screen, clone, and express alpha-amylase genes. Students will learn
methods for manipulating and/or quantitating DNA, RNA, proteins as
well as small molecules. Other methods may be included.

Required text: “Biotechnology DNA to Protein”, by Thiel & Lyons,
2002. “Writing the Laboratory Notebook”, by Kanare, 1955. A bound
laboratory notebook.

Weekly assignments: Laboratory exercises, flowsheets, record keeping
and lab notebook maintenance and discussion.

Exams/papers: Laboratory notebook, quizzes and lab practicals