Biology | Entomolgy
Z373 | 23759 | Moczeck, A

Course format: Lecture: 12:20P-1:10P, MW, JH 248. Lab: 2:00P-4:00P,

Requirements: Biol L111/L112 or equivalent.

Course description: Lectures integrate morphology, behavior,
physiology, ecology and evolution of insects. Additional topics
include biocontrol and forensic entomology. Laboratory sections
emphasize insect diversity, identification, and taxonomy.

Required text: Gullan, Cranston, McInnes: The Insects: An Outline of
Entomolgy, Blackwell.

Weekly assignments: TBA

Exams/papers: 3 mid term exams (lowest score will be removed),  1
comprehensive final exam; Main lab assignment is the compilation of
a comprehensive insect collection.