Business | BUS J 370 Integrated Business CoreóStrategic Management Component
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BUS J 370 Integrated Business CoreóStrategic Management Component (3 cr.)  P: BUS-A
100, A 201, A 202, G 202, K 201, L 201, X 104, X 204, X 201, X 220, ECON-E 201,
E 370, ENG-W 131, MATH-M 118, M 119 (all with a grade of C or better). C: F 370,
I 370, M 370, and P 370. Cross-functional survey of business management. The strategy
component is concerned with the roles and tasks of firmís top managers (i.e., strategic
decision makers). Designed to provide an appreciation for the total firm perspective
and the means by which firms create and sustain competitive advantage in todayís
increasingly challenging and complex business environment (domestic and global).
Strategic management of the firm involves diagnosing the firmís current situation
and developing realistic solutions to the strategic and organizational problems
that confront top managers. A desired outcome of this course is an enhanced appreciation
for the complexities of managing a formal organization. The primary objective is
to help develop analytical skills for identifying key strategic issues and formulating
appropriate strategies given a firmís situation. The course will provide exposure
to the theories, concepts, and techniques of strategic management through the text,
readings, illustrative cases, and video vignettes. Includes a cross-functional case
done in teams.