Classical Studies | Greek Lit in Translation
C350 | 25849 | Nagle, B

C350 Greek Literature in Translation (topic: Greek Myth in Film
instructor: Prof. B. R. Nagle (Ballantine 552;

	We will be watching and discussing a selection from the
great number and variety of films based on classical Greek
mythology.  There will be recent films (e.g., “Troy”);  “classics”
(e.g., “Jason and the Argonauts”); foreign films (e.g., the
Brazilian  “Black Orpheus”); made-for-television movies
(e.g., “Helen of Troy,” USA 2004), mini-series (e.g.“The Odyssey”),
and episodes from television series (e.g. “Star Trek”); animated
films (e.g., “Fantasia”).  A few will stay very close to the
original, such as film versions of Greek tragedies (e.g., Michael
Cacoyannis’ “Trojan Women”), but most will adapt the ancient
material in original and creative ways.			
	The class will meet once a week; during each 2 ½ hour
session we’ll view a film and discuss it.  Because we will meet so
few times, attendance is essential; an absence will be excused only
for a true emergency.  Aside from attendance and participation in
discussion, the requirements will include a brief essay (2-3 pages)
on each film we watch; a longer paper (5-7 pages) dealing with
several films; and an assignment which gives you the opportunity to
imagine making your own myth-related film.  There will be no tests.
	Although there are no formal prerequisites for this class,
it will be more meaningful if you already have some experience with
Classical mythology.  If you don’t, it would be a good idea to do
some reading over the summer; please contact me soon in person or by
email mailto:nagle@indiana.edufor

Required Texts:
William Hansen, Classical Mythology: A Guide to the Mythical World
of the Greeks and Romans (Oxford University Press 2004)
Jon Solomon, The Ancient World in the Cinema (Yale University Press
2001; revised, expanded edition)