Classical Studies | Roman Lyric and Elegy
L407 | 25854 | Nagle, B

L407 Roman Lyric and Elegy
instructor:  Professor Betty Rose Nagle (Ballantine 552;

This course is an introduction to Roman personal poetry.  We will
read a representative sample of poems by Catullus, Horace,
Propertius, and Ovid.  We will examine the forms and conventions of
the lyric and elegiac genres.  Some attention will be given to the
historical context in which these authors lived and wrote.

Course requirements, besides regular attendance and participation,
will include a midterm and a final; two 5-7 page papers; and oral
performance of several Latin poems.

Required texts:
(note: purchased new, these books will cost about $135, but used
copies are available less expensively online)

Daniel H. Garrison, The Studentís Catullus (U. of Oklahoma Press
2004; 3rd ed.)
ISBN 0806136359
Daniel H. Garrison, Horace: Odes and Epode (U. of Oklahoma Press
1998; reprint)
ISBN 0806130571
W.A. Camps, Propertius: Elegies Book I (Cambridge U. Press 1997)
ISBN 05221292107
John Barsby, Ovid: Amores I (Duckworth 1979; reprint)
ISBN 0906515459
Diana J. Raynor and William W. Batstone (ed.), Latin Lyric and
Elegiac Poetry: An Anthology of New Translations (Garland Press 1994)
ISBN 0815315406