Comparative Literature | Literature, the Other Arts & the Interrelationship: Art and Money
C355 | TBA | Prof. Giancarlo Maiorino

Department of Comparative Literature
Fall 2006
CMLT C355 Literature, the Other Arts & the Interrelationship:
Art & Money            Prof. Giancarlo
Maiorino                        TR: 4:00-5:15
~This section meets COAS A&H requirements and carries Culture
Studies Credit.

This course is both comparative and interdisciplinary. The texts are
meant to shed light on recurrent concerns that are central to our
material culture. How important is money to define, for better and
for worse, the picaresque age of survival? Conversely, how crucial
is money to spur ingenuity, talent, and the pursuit of excellence?
What is the price that one culture exacts on the other? If ‘greed is
good’, who is going to bear its burden? Does conspicuous consumption
have anything to do with utter indigence? It is quite self-evident
that these issues are both universal and individual, and they affect
the immediate tactics as well as the long term strategies of our
students, as they move to face choices which are economic, social,
intellectual and ethical. The purpose of the course is to provide an
inclusive overview that will expose students to the complexities of
our understanding of, and approach to, money as it affects material
needs, moral values, and cultural life style.